Aspherical Planetary Eyepiece 23mm


Aspherical Planetary Eyepiece 23mm

High quality; Fully coated glasses for excellent image contrast and light transmission; High brightness; large field of view; and making your eyes in a comfortable state

Beautifully made with machined housings;The metal body gives you a different metallic feel experience

Large eyepiece; SVBONY 23 mm large eyepiece diameter makes you look more comfortable and doesn’t make your eyes tired

Special aspheric design; 62°aspheric 23mm eyepiece suitable for 1.25 inch 31.75mm astronomic telescope; Super wide angle eyepieces have long been held in high regard due to their extremely wide apparent fields of view

Applicable scene; Perfect for watching the scenery; bright celestial observations; nebula and so on;It’s a great Halloween birthday christmas gift

Aspherical Planetary Eyepiece 23mm

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